is a multimedia installation of three infinitely looping videos, projected to the sound landscape of the city of tango.

Directed by Ishka Michocka and made in Buenos Aires in collaboration with world-renowned tango dancers, all three pieces are a poetic statement on the sensation of the deep embrace and a visualisation of the inner landscape of the intimate encounter. This international production was shot in 2016 on a rooftop, 25 floors up above Avenida Santa Fe, in the centre of ever inspiring capital of Argentina.

The subject and the location of the piece are far from coincidental – over the last 10 years the artist has been calling Buenos Aires her second home and has frequently travelled to work and create there. It is her interpretation of the city’s inspiring and intense rhythm, a way to capture its unique landscape and a very melodramatic, tango-like essence.

The installation is a powerful yet subtle and dream-like journey through very sensual images mixed with the urban landscape.

Ishka Michocka says: “I want people to get lost in those moving images. I want them to walk in and feel the wind on their faces. Come close enough so they can hear the music. Stand right on the edge until the vertigo of that closeness overwhelms them. To wake up their imagination, so next time they find themselves in the close embrace I want to them to discover their own landscapes and make them dance.”

The surreal setting of a dead garden on the rooftop terrace of a South American metropolis, combined with the intense dance performance and bold camerawork, makes this installation a truly mesmerising experience.

The projection is accompanied by a limited series of photographic prints.




Exhibition location:
Argentine Embassy
Sala Jorge Luis Borges
Kleiststraße 23-26 e.4.
10787 Berlin


10th MAY – 14th JUNE 2017
Mo – Fr 9:00-17:00

OPENING 10th MAY from 19:00


Director: Ishka Michocka

Assistant: Yael Szmulewicz
Camera: Nicolas Mayer
Dancers: Eugenia Parrilla & Yanick Wyler
Lucila Cionci & Joe Corbata
Cecilia Garcia & Serkan Gokcesu
Sound Landscape: Sergio Falcon
Editing: Natalia Fernandez & Pablo Tesoriere
Making-of: Martin Silva Monzon
Prints: TerminDruck, Berlin